campiglia marittima
Livorno, Italy



by CAR

When entering CAMPIGLIA MARITTIMA in your aviation system, please ensure that you choose Campiglia in the region of Livorno. Once you arrive at the exit “SAN VINCENZO SUD” leave and head towards Campiglia Marittima. Almost there!  From here, you just have to go up the hill for about 5 km to arrive at Campiglia. 


The closest airport is PISA GALILEO GALILEI. Campiglia Marittima is located about one hour south of Pisa, about 80 km. You can take a train or hire a car to get to Campiglia. ROME FIUMICINO airport is about 2.5 to 3 hours away. FLORENCE and BOLOGNA about 2 to 2.5 hours. There are a good train connections from Rome and Florence.


by Train

The train station of Campiglia Marittima is down in the valley, while Campiglia Marittima is located on the hill, about 5 km from the train station. We recommend to prebook a taxi



We recommend to pre-book your taxi with Taxi Val di Cornia. The owner and your driver MARCO BORDIN is not only a super nice taxi driver, but he also has a car with lot of space for up to 8 people and luggage. His phone number is +39 328 169 8061. You can contact him via WhatsApp as well. By email you can reach him at

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